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Hydraulic Hybrid Technologies

Research and Development

To date, MISER has achieved several milestones. Below are some of them:


All modes for HKS were successfully proven several years ago during our proof of technology phase.

Our pilot project at a long-haul transport client using a heavy-duty truck delivered excellent results with MISER-HKS, showing fuel savings in excess of 40% in certain drive cycles.

Our new project, using a combination of our hydraulic version plus other power sources and aimed specifically at smaller passenger vehicles, has started. We expect the first few pilot vehicles on the road during January 2018. We believe that this will be a game changer as it incorporates a new way of thinking, providing virtually zero emissions in town but still allowing you to travel long distances when needed without the limitations of current electrical solutions.

In January 2018 we will continue with the design and development of MISER-HTS which we expect to deliver fuel savings of up to 70% in certain drive cycles.

In February 2018 a project using hydraulic and electric systems will commence. It is our belief that we can demonstrate that hydraulics will significantly improve operations and efficiency for electric vehicles.